Residential Site Plan

Residential Site Plans

residential site plan pictureA site plan is a drawing that shows the entire residential site and all structures existing and proposed. This plan is drawn to scale and shows the scope of work which must be clearly defined. A site plan is often required to obtain a building permit. The requirements vary depending on the specific municipality. Erosion control structures and tree save and replacement requirements are other factors to be taken into consideration in the site plan process.


A Site Plan Typically Includes:

  1. Property lines (boundaries) with dimensions.
  2. Exterior dimensions of all existing and proposed buildings, additions and structures, with dimensions to property lines. Also, any architectural projections such as bay windows, fireplaces, etc.
  3. All existing and proposed public improvements such as, curb, sidewalk, pedestrian ramps, drive- ways, etc.
  4. Dimensions and location of any easements.
  5. Curb to property line distance, or centerline of street to property line distance. Width of alley, if applicable, and type of paving.
  6. Name and address and phone number of the property owner.
  7. Address of the construction site.
  8. Legal description of the construction site.
  9. North arrow and scale.